"Inspirational design derived from architecture, furniture, automobiles, home electronics — even nature itself — provide for ideas that transform themselves into unique sensory and emotional products with functional simplicity, coupled with technological excellence. It's a journey to provide an exceptional audio and visual experience with design elegance, innovation, features and measured risks, for whatever the application, to form a lasting end-user impression and experience."

— Anthony Wilkinson, Managing Director, Edifier International Limited

A passion for sound, a passion for design, and a passion for quality.

Edifier’s award-winning designers and engineers are guided by these three principles in their unrelenting pursuit of high-fidelity audio. From a dream to an artist’s sketch, to the final product with soul and substance.

We are inspired by the changing ways music lovers like you make, share and enjoy music. We strive to offer you sound systems that make your music look AND sound good. Through research and innovation, we seek bold design that’s also intuitive to use.

Edifier’s uncompromised design elegance is recognized internationally by prestigious design awards. Some of our iconic designs are winners of the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Product Design Award, the CES Design & Engineering Showcase Honors.

While we’re really proud of the awards, hearing is believing. Sharing our passion for sound with music lovers like you across the world is the most rewarding experience for everyone here at Edifier.