• AI Call Noise Cancellation Technology

    During calls, the AI noise cancellation algorithm intelligently filters out background noises, enabling clear communication with the human voice.

  • Around-the-Neck Design

    The around-the-neck design is the ideal solution for securely storing your headphones without any worries.

  • 18 Hours of Battery Life

    Supports AUX, Optical Fibre, Coaxial, HDMI and other interface methods, and connect different playback devices at the same time.

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W210BT Wireless Neckband Headphones

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  • Immersive sound with Wireless Hi-Res Audio certification and LDAC
  • AI technology for call noise suppression
  • Gaming mode with ultra-low latency
  • Customizable EQ settings via the Edifier Connect app
  • IP55 rated for dust and sweat resistance

    2 Year Warranty

    Free Shipping Over 49€ Noise Cancellation

    30 Day Return Policy

    W210BT Wireless Neckband Headphones
    W210BT Wireless Neckband Headphones

    Hi-Res Wireless Certified

    Thanks to the AI Noise Cancellation technology and Hi-Res Wireless certification, previously imperceptible overtones are highlighted, creating an impressive musical experience.

    LDAC Audio Codec: Uncompromised Acoustic Quality

    Equipped with LDAC high-bit-rate high-definition transmission technology, it delivers high-definition audio transmissions of up to 990kbps. The high-fidelity acoustic quality is nearly lossless, faithfully reproducing the original sound.

    80ms Low Latency with Built-in Gaming Sound Effects

    The optimization of chip performance and codec has resulted in a low latency of 80ms, synchronizing audio and visuals. Furthermore, dedicated sound effects enhance the realism of footsteps and gunfire, creating an even more immersive gaming experience.

    IP55 Rating: Dustproof and Sweatproof, Ideal for Sports Scenarios

    The device is waterproof due to a waterproof charging case, a specially coated circuit board that is resistant to moisture, mold, and salt spray, and a sealed housing structure. The product's IP55 classification ensures dust and sweat resistance, ensuring it remains undamaged even during physical activities.

    Antibacterial Rate > 99% Preserves Ear Canal Health

    During physical activities, moisture from sweating can create a favorable environment for bacteria growth within the ear canal. Specially designed ear tips and fins with an antibacterial rate exceeding 99% can effectively inhibit bacterial proliferation in the ear canal, promoting ear health.

    Edifier Connect App

    Die App unterstützt Batterieüberwachung, automatisches Abschalten und Schlafmusik. Außerdem können Sie Ihr Hörerlebnis nach Ihren persönlichen Vorlieben anpassen.

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